Brain Based Coaching, Provability systems, On-The-Spot Implementation...

Conquer Impulsivity

Never have your momentum be stopped by your state-of-mind again. Learn our ADHD-impulsivity systems to Stay on track in-spite of your Mood!

Get & Stay Organized

Clear your Physical and Mental clutter with our ADHD-specific organization systems.  STAY organized with our unique Provability systems.

Manage Your Time

Learn ADHD-specific Time management systems to schedule yourself to Success and ensure you're On-Time for what Matters.

Improve your Memory
& become Present-Minded

Conquer absent-mindedness. Discover how to Stay attentive to absorb and Remember the information you receive long-term.

Learn To Prioritize

Define and Clarify your highest priority and time-sensitive items. Implement immediately, and get things Done.

Manage Stress

Stop feeling like you’re always behind and never able to catch up. Learn how & when to take action on your tasks so that you’re always ahead of the game.

The Energy Focus Technique

For the very “H” ADHD’er: Discover the techniques to use the additional energy in your body and mind to create extreme focus.

Communicate Effectively

Create deeper relationships. Learn the communication strategies to be understood by the people in your life.

Increase your Productivity

ADHD-specific techniques to Manage your tasks and action-steps & get more done in less time!

Use Positive Stimulus

Eliminate your use of negative stimulus.  Discover the Stimulus that works FOR you to be driven into Action!

Your Specific ADHD Symptoms

Working with Your brain in order to manage your specific and unique symptoms to make them work For you.

Be In Control of your (Brilliant!) Brain and your Life

Get -and stay- in the Drivers seat! Manage your ADHD symptoms to become advantageous in your career and for the rest of your life.

We understand You! If you have ADHD, what you do every day (or every hour!) often depends on your mood! This being the case, unlike “traditional coaching”, we will unabashedly tell you exactly what to do- and provide the most effective tools to make sure you get it done- so that you accomplish what you want in every area of your life!

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Engage your brain to stay focused, follow-through, and achieve exactly what you want.

Our coaching system will work for You because:

  • You won’t be sitting down “talking” and “learning about” the ADHD Management strategies that will work for you. You will Implement, Practice, and Master these strategies until they become natural for you.
  • You will be In Action, Following through, and Completing your Tasks on-the-spot During your coaching sessions- and afterwards!
  • You will have follow-up in-between your coaching sessions to ensure you are learning the systems that work and Implementing them continuously.
  • You will be able to use our Provability systems to ensure you’re Doing what you say.
  • You will hit the ground running and start accomplishing your goals during your very first session!

I have achieved so many personal victories it is hard to name just one.

Working with you has changed my life for the better in every area!

-And it was easier than I thought it would be!

Jill Bridell, Missouri



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